In general Yoga refers to movement intending to unite the physical body and the mental body. There are endless forms of yoga.  Each style comes from a unique tradition with specific goals and focus.  While some overlap in style, others differ so much that they don't even seem to be related.  The styles offered at Sutra Healing Arts are ancient traditions that reflect my personal daily practice as well as my training.  Curious to learn more about a style that's new to you? Email to set up your private class, tailored to your goals.  
(Private classes are designed for 1-5 students)


Kundalini Yoga 

Yoga of Awareness: using a potent "technology" of body and breath, this practice uses empowering mudras (hand postures), repetitive movements and strong breathing techniques to remove energetic blockages and free up the pathway for life force energy to rise up and out of the crown of the head, putting us in touch with our infinite wisdom and highest creative selves. Expect great challenges and HUGE transformation!

* Tuesdays 7am & Wednesdays 6pm at Mama's Wellness Joint



Yin Yoga

Yin is the passive energy in the body.  It is cooling, introspective and feminine, drawing influence from the moon's energy.  Perfect for calming the nervous system, cooling the boy and the mind, and lengthening the body's connective tissue.  In yin, we hold the poses for 3-5 minutes using props to support the body to find the most comfortable version of a pose to allow the body to sink in and release.