The Team

Collectively, we aim to offer excellent bodywork and healing sessions using our unique and diverse approaches and backgrounds.  Individually, we are each passionate women with a deep interest in healing and strengthening our clients ability to live happy and full lives.


Sarah Hummel, Owner

As the founder of Sutra Healing Arts, wellness is my passion.  I strongly believe that we, as a collective, can be limitless and wildly productive if we take care of ourselves, mentally, physically, & spiritually. I've seen, firsthand, how a life of routine wellness and self-care can make ordinary life feel extraordinary.  I love connecting with people on a personal level to help them find their greatest potential and deepest passion, by removing energetic and physical blockages that get in our way.  

I love all my jobs as a bodyworker, yoga teacher and a mama.  They help me stay focused on what is truly valuable in life and to push beyond boundaries to create greatness for our future.  I look forward to connecting with you!

License number MSG009129


Kelsey Butt, LMT

Kelsey is a strong and sensitive woman who uses both her intellectual understanding of the body with her gift of intuition to create a beautifully balanced and deeply healing experience.  She has over 1000 hours of training in both Austin, TX and NYC for an expert level of knowledge in all modalities of bodywork.  But even before she became a master of all the studies, she was Sarah's preferred student massage while they were in massage school together.  Clearly an innately talented bodyworker from the start! 

License number MSG012659