Sound Healing Meditation


The vibrations that we create in our bodies through physical and energetic movement strongly impacts our ability to live well. When we work to elevate the frequency of our thoughts, actions and words, we access higher consciousness within while our vibes reach further and higher beyond the physical body. Sound vibration effects every part of our physical being on an cellular and molecular level.  It has the ability to balance and soothe the nervous system, restore the homeostatic function and help us open up channels of communication that may feel closed off.   It calms the mind and the body, much like a soothing sound  or gentle vibration helps a baby feel safe and calm. Sound vibration also communicates with neurotransmitters of the brain which help regulate the immune system.  This healing is all encompassing and profoundly effective on all levels.

In a Sound Healing Meditation, you will hear various handmade instruments that are specifically tuned to charge and balance energy centers in the body known as Chakras.  When these wheels are spinning, energy is circulating, leaving the body and mind feeling fresh and radiant.  

Sound Healing Meditation is available for private or small group sessions as well as in my public Yin and Kundalini classes at Mama's Wellness Joint.