What is Sauna Blanket Immersion?

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Let us keep you warm…

Life can feel like a contact sport sometimes. It’s all we can do to train for the most intense mental and physical activities that a busy and fulfilling life demand! We’d do anything to keep us warm. Luckily we have tools to keep our minds fresh, comfortable and vacation-happy through all seasons!

This incredible new addition to the list of services is going to change your life!  Or at least, change your experience on the table.  It's actually a sauna, but in a blanket. All you have to do is come to Sutra and lay on our table! You’ll be wrapped in to our Higher DOSE Sauna Blanket for for up to 60 mins. You can sleep, meditate, listen to music, or catch up on your favorite podcast while you go throughs the same physiological process of a vigorous workout. It’s like cardio without the work!
1. Detox - 7x more detoxifying than traditional heat
2. Anti-anxiety - increases happy hormones and lowers cortisol
3. Calorie burn - up to 600 calories per hr
4. Anti-aging - boosts collagen and gives off a healthy glow
5. Improves sleep
6. Reduces inflammation (joint, muscles, organ)
7. Increases blood flow and circulation (more oxygen!)
8. Soothes sore muscles and joints (excellent for post-workout recovery!)

How it Works:
You have up to 60 mins to enjoy a good ole fashioned healthy sweat while relaxing on the table. We will set you up with the music of your choice and pop in intermittently to see if you need anything. When your session is over, we’ll gentle invite you back from Blissland and watch you float away. If you want to end the session before the time is up, it’s easy to slip out on your own or we can help you exit with support and care.

How to Prepare:
1. Bring loose fitted long sleeve shirt, long pants (think pajama pants, not so much yoga pants), and socks. You’ll want to have clothes to change into since you will likely sweat through this set.
2. Drink loads of water before and after to help replenish the electrolytes you lose from perspiration
3. Eat a light meal. Salty better than sweet
4. Take off any metal jewelry before your session
5. Bring headphones or earbuds if you prefer a sound cocoon to accompany your sauna cocoon

Sauna blanket is NOT appropriate for the following conditions…
Pregnancy or currently breastfeeding
Heart Disease or illness
Skin diseases, burns or reddening
Splachnic diseases
Persons with heart defibrillator or other implantable devices
Nausea or headache
Broken bones or malignancy
Recent surgery
Abnormal blood pressure
Cancer or other malignant conditions
Metal or other body implants, including breast implants

Sauna Blanket Immersion $60
60 mins (includes 10 mins post-sauna reintegration)

Massage + Sauna Blanket $120
45 mins Massage followed by 45 min Sauna