A Blessing of the Mother


The Celebration

·      Surrounded by loved ones, Mother sits in grace & beauty as she and baby receive high vibrational blessings
·      Loved ones offer small gifts from the heart for Mother's use in meditation & self-care during her pregnancy
·      Guests pledge to support & inspire her to relax, feel secure & focus on creating an crystal child of elevated awareness
·      The setting is cozy, loving and deeply moving for all participants
·      Personalized yoga/meditation class with extended soundbath
·    Each ceremony is unique and curated for the maximum comfort and love for each individual mother-to-be
·      Can be scheduled anytime on or after 120th day of conception, when the soul of the baby enters womb (approx 17 weeks)
·      Often celebrated in lieu of a baby shower but can be styled to meet the needs of a more traditional gathering

One of Yogi Bhajan’s major teachings was focused on the need to restore women to their rightful place of respect and dignity in society.  In keeping with the ancient understanding that Mother is the first teacher Yogi Bhajan explained that from the 120th day onward, the child is affected and influenced by everything the mother says, sees, and hears.  In fact, the character of the child is formed and solidified for life during Baby’s time in utero. Conversations he/she hears Mother having from inside the womb are how Baby learns to understand the world and emotionally maneuver through life.  During this time, the subconscious mind is formed from within the womb, making it the most important period for Mother to create and sustain a strong, high frequency vibration as this creates a highly conscious, Crystal Child.  It is on the 120th Day that she becomes Mother.

In the Kundalini tradition, the 120th Day represents a time for family and close friends to join in celebration as the soul of Baby enters Mother's womb. The celebration is to honor the mother and offer her loving support.  Everyone gathers together to increase the baby's energetic frequency through collective meditation, chanting and shared blessings. Guests offer these gifts (both material and intangible) for Mother’s spiritual, mental, and physical well-being so that she may inspire, teach, and guide her child. If Mother is calm, quiet, intelligent and creative, she will undoubtedly have a child with those same unwavering traits.

$350 (2 hours, includes yoga/meditation class, private use of studio or location of choice, personal event host)