40 Days to Glow

an online community for Kundalini Yoga & Meditation


40 Days to Glow

This special online Kundalini Yoga & Meditation community will transform you, mind, body & spirit.  It takes 40 days to break habits (action and thought) of negativity and begin to create new productive patterns.  Committing to a daily practice of meditation will rewire the subconscious chain reaction between brain, glandular system & nervous system so you can adopt deeply engrained habits that serve your highest good.

This course is designed to expand, strengthen and condition your Heart to love with the greatest power and to live in accordance with that innate heart-projected love.  

We will share in:

  •  40-Day meditation to be practiced independently everyday!  It's an 11-minute commitment to your own Self-improvement, clearing out the subconscious mind and healing your Soul.  
  • Weekly live streamed  1-hr Kundalini Yoga & Meditation class to get the body & mind systems working in full effect, really getting into the depth of a healthy heart.  (Classes are recorded and available to view in your own time.)  
  • Guidance & support via email throughout the course, providing tips, points of reflection, self-care methods, and encouragement.

Live streamed classes
40-Day personal meditation  
Live streamed 11 minute group practice of 40 Day meditation  

Rates per person:
$76  single registration
$66 you plus a friend

Payment methods:
Cash, Check, CC